JMC Music of Time for Vacheron Constantin

The Music of Time is a resonance holder for striking watches serving to reveal the musical sound of these watches. In addition to increasing the volume of the chime, the resonance spruce that is used along with the lutherie techniques enhances the striking gongs with a sense of warmth, roundness and precision.

The Music of Time is made from the three materials used by luthiers to make stringed instruments. The holder itself is a cylinder into which may be fitted watches of all sizes with leather straps or metal bracelets. This cylinder is slightly flattened, thus ensuring a perfect hold as well as improved transmission of the vibration. It is crafted from over 350 year-old resonance spruce which acts as the instrument’s vibrating membrane. It is the vibration of the watch as picked up by the resonance wood that is thereby amplified.

The holder is placed on a stainless steel stem which may be pointed in various directions. The base is made from European curly maple, another type of wood used in particular for violin back boards. The tube is closed by an openworked rosette in Macassar ebony, installed at the opening of the Music of Time. It was inspired by the rosette or soundhole opening on a lute which is often topped by a wooden lacework motif.

The Music of Time may be considered as an audible display, by enabling the watch installed on it in order to benefit from the amplifying and magnifying effect on the sound which thus becomes truly musical. It may also be held in the hand for a more sensual feel of the vibration and a more playful approach to the sound. It is in the latter mode that it is the most effective in terms of amplification. The Music of Time is a musical work of art.

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