JMC Musical Orbe - JMC Collection

The JMC Musical Orbe has been specially developed for the purpose of revealing all the musical beauty and technical prowess of Reuge music-box movements. It may also serve to install a striking pocket-watch or wristwatch beneath the wave made of resonance spruce. The result is astonishing in terms of the sheer volume, presence, warmth and precision of the sound. Moreover, this resonator is disconnected from its feet, which means that instead of being dispersed through the table, the entire energy is used to set the two soundboards vibrating with a half-open sound-hole.

The sound box and the tiny waves forming the sound-hole are made from small planks made from Risoud resonance spruce. The 36-note Reuge music box is crafted from brass - a deliberate choice of metal ensuring enhanced sound quality. The feet are in black-tinted European flamed maple, a type of wood also used in making stringed instruments. Also made of flamed maple, the disc serving to position the watch features a distinctive shape with two small waves, thus providing two specific resting points for the watch and thereby improving the circulation of the sound.

The JMC Musical Orbe is at once an authentic musical instrument and a work of art mingling traditional techniques with exceptional materials and a modern design. It single-handedly epitomises the mission of JMC Lutherie SA: harmoniously transforming sound into music…


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