JMC Musical Perch for Jaquet Droz

The JMC Musical Perch for Jaquet Droz is crafted from three types of wood present in the Risoud Forest. Firstly, 350 year-old spruce tonewood serving as a vibrating membrane; secondly, white pine wood for the textured base to create a bark-like impression; and thirdly, beech wood for its resistance beneath the base, for the Morse taper and for the solid part of the resonator. The wing-shaped resonance stand features a light, airy aesthetic ideally matching the distinctive design of Jaquet Droz watches. Its cone shape enables it to adapt to all wristband sizes and guarantees a firm hold.

The resonance stand may be used as an audio display stand by leaving the watch installed on it. This usage is also very spectacular for an exhibition or a demonstration in a boutique.


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