JMC Resonance Cylinder for Breguet

This extremely pure resonance symbol stems from an invention enabling easy installation of striking watches. The watch is beautifully highlighted and can become a musician once installed on the resonance cylinder. This striking watch support must be considered a full-fledged musical instrument. Its cut-off shape enables it to easily adapt to all wristwatches, with a natural tight-fit effect that ensures enhanced transmission of the vibration. This cylinder is made from lutherie wood (resonance spruce and curly maple), all from Switzerland. The holder in curly maple (the type of wood notably used for the back board of a violin) is sculpted to ensure optimally close contact with both the cylinder and the underlying surface of the presentation box. It is assembled with special lutherie glues and the object as a whole is graced with a classic “luthier” finish. This cylinder serves to reveal the full musicality of a striking watch and incorporates the same range of authentic values.

Presentation Distribution