JMC Resonance Tray - JMC Collection

The JMC Resonance Tray may be used by any collector to reveal the sound of his striking wristwatches or pocket watches, as well as by any watchmaker who could choose to place his movements on it and listen to the chime. The soundboard in composite spruce tonewood and NomexTM honeycomb is extra-light due to its composition. To ensure enhanced control of the response of in terms of frequencies, it is literally suspended by a double decoupling system featuring carbon bars and tiny anti-vibration pads – all supported by a Swiss walnut wood frame. This creation is inspired by the system used to suspend the JMC Soundboard speakers. Its purpose is to enable the soundboard to vibrate freely by transmitting the watch’s vibrations via its case and its own weight. The dimensions are 24 cm x 24 cm x 4 cm and it weighs 300 gr. This stand adapts easily to any watch and is conceived as a full-fledged musical instrument.


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