The JMC Risoud Metronome - JMC Collection

The JMC Risoud Metronome for striking watches has been specially developed to reveal the beauty and all the musical dimensions of minute repeater watches thanks to the exceptional Risoud resonance spruce, known for centuries for its excellent response to vibrations. One need only fit a watch onto the JMC Risoud Metronome and activate it in order to enjoy an amplification of the sound that thus becomes truly musical. Not only is the sound significantly more powerful, but also emotionally charged. The resonance stand enables listeners to hear every detail of the vibrations; watches representing major technical feats thereby demonstrate the full measure of their perfection in terms of rhythm, melody, as well as duration of the chime.

The wristwatch simply slides onto the cone. Its own weight automatically presses against the opening in the “coat” (membrane) of the Risoud Metronome, and activating it transforms it into an “acoustic cathedral”. The stand may also be removed from its base to enable manual listening to a pocket-watch for example, or for a more playful and sensual use.

 The cloak" or membrane of the JMC Risoud Metronome is made from Swiss resonance spruce, while the "cap" is made from European walnut wood, and the stem from gilt brass. The base is engraved with the inscription in French “Le coeur de l'arbre touche le coeur de l'homme” (“The heart of the tree touches the human heart”). The downward-pointing cone shape facilitates fitting the watch in place and ensures great stability. The opening enables even better diffusion of the sound, spread over the entire surface of the membrane. The pyramid-shaped presentation box, made in leather with a suede inner lining, opens from the front and is fitted with a leather carrying strap.

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