Minute repeater watches

The minute repeater watch was invented before the advent of electricity in order to “sound” the time at night. Pressing a pusher or pulling a slide piece enables the watch to strike the hours, quarters and minutes on two or three gongs. Initially, this technique was applied to pocket-watches, but it is now used in wristwatches which are smaller and comprise more complications and thus less space, as well as often being watertight. This means there is far less air being set into vibrations and poorer transmission of this vibration to outside the watch. One may sometimes wish to hear the sound more clearly. The JMC resonance holders, made using resonance spruce and lutherie techniques, are full-fledged instruments in which the watch plays the musician. The goal is not just to amplify the sound, but to make it rounder, warmer, more precise, and to reveal all the subtle charm of the chime. This approach serves to amplify all the sounds and all the details. The resonance holder reveals in full measure the beauty and splendour of the chime of minute repeater watches, to the delight of all collectors.