MusicMachine 3 by MB&F and Reuge

JMC Lutherie has been associated in a magnificent project undertaken by MB&F and Reuge, the development of the MusicMachine 3, a futuristic music box featuring an exceptional design.

Not only does the MusicMachine 3 look like a space vessel that has flown in from a more advanced civilisation, but it is also musically avant-garde. The majority of music boxes amplify sound through their wooden cases, much as guitars and violins do. MusicMachine 3 is carefully designed to transmit the musical vibrations from the combs down through the two vertical side wings to its resonance base. This natural timber amplifier was developed by JMC Lutherie.

The soundboard facilitates the transformation of this energy into sound by means of its broad surface area. The board can move a greater volume of air, thus creating a more powerful sound. On MusicMachine 3, energy is transmitted from the vibrating teeth down though the vertical side wings to the resonance base, which not only amplifies the sound, but also underlines the quality of the music.

MusicMachine 3’s innovative base combines 350-year-old resonance spruce with 21st century composite materials such as NomexTM honeycomb Kevlar.

Maximilian Büsser is therefore proud to present his last creation that looks like something from a galaxy in the far-distant future, but whose origins are ancient and embody profound respect for tradition and innovation.

MusicMachine 3 is issued in a 99-piece limited edition: 33 pieces with a white finish; 33 pieces with a black finish; and 33 pieces with a ‘chrome’ finish.

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