Pulsograph Showcase for Breguet

The Pulsograph showcase has been developed by several partners especially for Breguet. It is a brown monolith topped by a dedicated transparent watch display case. The showcase also serves to enable observers to hear the sound of the watch by capturing the vibrations transmitted by the crown. This is made possible by the Soundboard, the resonance wood loudspeaker integrated into the front of the monolith. The sound is extremely clear and pure without the intervention of any microphone. Once the product is visible, a special disc is fitted onto the watch crown and enables one to hear the ticking of the timepiece. Each product has a particular resonance, from the ultra-thin watch to the skeletonised tourbillon model. When a minute-repeater or striking (petite or grande sonnerie) model is placed in the transparent display case, the quality of the sound is such that it can be perfectly heard from several metres away.

The vibrations are picked up and amplified by fixing a piezoelectric disc onto the watch crown, which is the most sensitive part of a timepiece. Each movement of the parts inside the watch emits vibrations. This disc serves to filter the “interesting” vibrations (the shocks sustained by the regulating organ, the escape-wheel, the lever and the balance-and-spring), and these vibrations are then amplified and diffused by the Soundboard. Other vibrations could be chosen, but the ticking sound is the most understandable and evocative. No microphone is used, but the vibrations are carefully handled in terms of selecting and amplifying them. Resonance wood is chosen in order to keep the sounds as natural as possible. A magnificent invention that delights watch aficionados.

Additional functions of the Pulsograph
- Internal clock serving to control one upward/downward motion at a specific time of day.
- Automatic upward/downward motion at each chosen second, minute or hour.
- Adjustment of the sound volume with ON/OFF switch.

Presentation Distribution